the agreelet team and a little bit of history

The agreelet team is working together, at AccelerandE, to create innovative, funny and interesting projects. And yes, we have used agreelet for all our agreements, from the original idea contract, to establishing the ownership shares and more.

The agreelet project started in 2014 and the first beta release was in August 2014.

The main idea driving the agreelet projcet is a sincere interest in removing all unnecessary administration and expose things as simple as they truly are. Signing an agreement should be something simple but generally it is not. It includes dealing with paper, signatures, some place to store those piece of papers, etc.

As a consequence, people start making businesses with each other without any agreement at all, but only some kind of implicit agreement, which may turn into a problem when some time later the parties have different recollections of what was decided. And going through emails, text messages, skype chats might not help at all.

agreelet offers a solution to this by providing a way to sign agreements that are as easy and fast as creating a tweet, but that are also signed and securely stored on the cloud.

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