agreelet and micro agreements

Micro agreements are fast, short and effective agreements. Creation of a micro agreement is as quick as tweeting, no paperwork needed.

Once a micro agreement is agreed by both parties, it is sealed and stored securely in the cloud, and its text can never be modified. However, follow-up agreements can be created to make amendments to the original agreement text.

the micro agreement idea

The idea with micro agreements is to fill the vacuum between formal contracts (larger deals, on paper, signed, stored in safe and so on), and informal agreements based on conversations, emails thread and text messages. As we know informal agreements may turn into a problem later on if the two parts have a different or vague recollection of the original terms, and going through old emails thread might not help.

Micro agreements points to a new way to deal with informal agreements, in a fast, effective and secure way.

the agreelet app

Just type a text you want to agree on, select the mobile number of your partner, and send the agreement proposal. Your partner will receive the proposal and he/she will be able to decide whether to accept, decline or ignore it. If your partner accepts the proposal, the agreement is sealed.

That's it! No more unnecessary paperwork and no more agreements based on ambiguous and unclear email exchanges or sms discussions. Just one simple and clear text that you have agreed upon.

Download the agreelet app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone here.

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